Isiah Thomas Thinks Dan Dickau Is Still Around?

I saw this interview with Knicks Isiah Thomas yesterday (October 15th) after practice over at Keep in mind that aside from the date, the fact that Isiah is at practice signifies that this is pretty recent, as the Knicks started practicing just a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a question and answer that kind of caught my attention:

When the trade was made, it looked like Fred and Dan Dickau were just salary cap throw-ins. When you made that trade, how did that discussion go?

Thomas: Both of those guys fit our team. I think Dickau is going to be a good player on our team when he's healthy. With Fred, you can't consider either of those guys throw-ins.

Hmm, interesting response by Isiah. Dickau was released before the Knicks started practicing, back on September 30th. In fact, he's already signed with the LA Clippers, and is fighting Brevin Knight for the backup point guard position (which he won't win - Knight should be a starter somewhere).
Not Dan Dickau, but also an alliteration..
It's possible that he's mistaking Dan Dickau with Jared Jordan, a similar 3rd string point guard acquired around the time Dickau was released. Still, it's a little embarrassing (you know the local papers are going to have a ball with this, if they get a hold of it) for the GM and coach of the Knicks to be unaware that he's speaking about a player he's already released, and never even got to see practice in a Knick uniform!

Is this team not entertaining?