Basketball and Vaping, Do they Mix?

If you are one of the millions of people that have switched to smoking e-cigarettes, or vaping(including drip vaping), in recent times, you will be aware that the various types, strengths and flavors of e-juice come with different price tags attached and that prices can vary from one store to the next. So maybe it’s time to think about buying vape juice wholesale. l

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This is not as difficult as you may think and buying bulk e-juice is now part and parcel of most suppliers offering to customers especially those companies operating through the internet. Buying in bulk doesn’t mean ordering hundreds of bottles at a time. Most suppliers have minimum orders of ten and even under to qualify for bulk-buying and many will even offer free postage or shipping for orders as small as thirty-five dollars.

Bigger Orders, Lower Prices

In a competitive market such as selling e-juice, the manufacturers and distributors are only too well aware that the competition is fierce and even the smallest price difference in similar products can result in a loss of customers that, once lost, are very hard to win back. E-juice wholesalers order in their stocks by the truck load which leads to considerable savings on their outlay and, usually, considerably lower shipping costs.

Sensible companies, who wish to remain in business, are only too willing to offer customers specially discounted rates for bulk e-juice purchases and the minimum order necessary is usually quite small. In this way, the customer gets the product required but at a significantly lower cost than they would pay in the local store. It’s all about common sense on both sides and why pay more than you have to when there are savings to be made.

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Buy American

Not just a slogan or a patriotic call to duty but a logical and sensible step. With the growing popularity of vaping in recent times, more and more e-liquid distributors and wholesalers have set up company in America whereas before most were based in the Far East. This makes economic sense for the companies involved as e-juice and other vaping paraphernalia can be imported in huge quantities and warehoused at a central location which speeds delivery to customers as well as saving huge sums previously spent on shipping in numerous smaller orders.

This is all good news for the businesses concerned but also for the end-user. Although not fully overseen by the Food and Drugs Administration (it’s only a matter of time), the risk of poor or badly manufactured e-liquids and vapor liquid being passed on to the consumer is greatly reduced and the standard of hygiene in American warehouses is also considerably higher than that to be found in other parts of the world.

Unlike years gone by, a growing percentage of e-liquid is now being produced in the U.S.A. which means there is less concern with regard to the quality of the raw materials used and the handling and processing of American produced e-liquid is of a far higher standard than that found in the Far East.

Check the Product Details

Before committing to buying any vape juice wholesale, it is good practice to check the manufacturer’s website for product details and information. A reputable dealer should have no problem detailing exactly what goes into their product and the origin of the source materials.

Most e-liquids derive their flavor from propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine and these are standard ingredients as well as e-liquid nicotine. Buying bulk e-juice is both convenient and cost-effective but always check the manufacturer’s specifications for details of all the ingredients used which should be easy to find on any reputable wholesalers website. If, for some reason, this information is not displayed or available, it may be a good idea to move on to another wholesaler who is more open and honest.